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Abstracts of ISP2017 Exhibitor Presentations

The abstracts of the exhibitor's talks are sorted alfabetically by company name.

Self-service cloud portal for IBM Spectrum Protect

Thomas Bak, AUWAU

Managed Service Providers and IT departments of large companies are being challenged to deliver easy to consume enterprise class services to end users. Learn and see how to deliver your own IBM Spectrum Protect infrastructure as 'Backup as a cloud Service' with an easy to use self-service web portal. The solution automates processes like multi-tenancy, end user self-service, daily reporting, monthly recurring billing, usage and trending and much more. The Cloud Portal Software solution has an IBM part number in Passport Advantage.

BIG Picture SpectrumProtect/Veeam based on GSCC, dsmISI, GEN6 OneFS Storagepool

Karsten Boll, General Storage

Concat’s storage specialists are driven by solutions and architectures rather than products. Therefore they designed a “BIG Picture” for Spectrum Protect together with experts and developers from General Storage.
This blueprint focus on key challenges in a Spectrum Protect infrastructure like scalable capacity and performance, availability and backup of large filesystems.
Isilon oneFS and the integration suite of dsmISI are the technologies behind this very successful concept.

All about a good Service

Alina Mot, Empalis

This presentation will discuss all the aspects, a good service portfolio stands for

Leverage virtual and cloud based storage layers to improve data protection in IBM Spectrum environment

Philippe Flueler, Oracle

Leverage new storage solutions to improve availability and management while decreasing costs in IBM Spectrum environment.

Recovery is your moment of truth

Alistair Mackenzie, Predatar

Regardless of how much investment and time is spent designing, building and administering backup systems, there is only one thing that matters – can you recover successfully? Recovery is your moment of truth, your Judgement Day. This presentation discusses how to:

  1. Better prepare for your moment of truth
  2. Secure investment more quickly
  3. Take back control and sleep easier at night

Power What‘s Next! More power with your infrastructure

Stéphane Cardot, Quantum

Managing technical workflows with Quantum solutions

Repostor – your recovery expert

Anders Klamer, Repostor

By using Data protector you are able to do backup and restore on open source databases! We have created a “plug-in” module tailored for IBM Tivoli Storage Manager. This means you can continue to use your existing solution without having to invest in new backup systems in order to secure your data. At the moment we support the following databases:

  • MySQL
  • Sybase ASE
  • Sybase IQ
  • PostgreSQL
  • Ingres
  • Interbase/Firebird
  • Progress OpenEdge 4GL
  • And more to come as the market evolves!

Improve Backup Efficiency and Simplify Data Protection with Rocket Servergraph

Tommy Hueber, Rocket Software

Backup environments everywhere are getting more complicated, and businesses are demanding more from their backups than ever before. Service level expectations are also increasing and the amount of databeing created is growing—yet IT budgets are shrinking. IT departments need a strategy to handle these challenges. Just as important, they need tools to help expand insight into the entire environment, including automating backup and reporting processes.

Smart Control, Evidence and Reporting for IBM Spectrum Protect

Stefan Schröder, Schmitz RZ Consult

Control, verification and proof of all daily backups and documentation of the backup environment are essential. Nevertheless, these tasks are often neglected. The reasons are firstly the high expenses and secondly, the type of work (routine tasks). BACKUP EAGLE® reduces the daily effort to check all failed backups. BACKUP EAGLE® ensures easy control, secure verification and complete evidence of backup operation. The configuration of ISP servers and ISP clients including all changes are automatically documented - no effort needed.
Main ideas, guidelines, concepts and components of BACKUP EAGLE® will be explained within the presentation.

SVA Tape Audit Tool

Michael Todt, SVA

The presentation will provide an overview of the Tape Audit Tool. It will explore functions and features of tape media verification and how the tool can help to ensure the usability of tape media.

Spectrum Protect Cost Effective Appliance for Management and Performance at Scale

Mike and John, Tectrade

Our solution provides a disk based data protection strategy for clients with large volumes of data (often comprising millions of small files) wishing to mitigate both risk & management overhead, and addresses the challenges of protecting large quantities of data specifically in the context of both time and infrastructure constraints.
Built from known, proven and repeatable technology packaging, IBM Spectrum Protect, and with unique dsmISI MAGS software, our solution significantly de-risks and accelerates time to value, and delivers unsurpassed end-to-end data availability, reliability and integrity.

TSM Dashboard

Marcell Szabo, USER Rendszerhaz Kft

Native TSM management application for iOS and Android mobile devices.

TSMCluster® - first step into Spectrum Cluster

Bruno Friess, eXstor GmbH

The new version TSMCluster 6.1 offers the already known reliability and scalability since 12 years in the market. In this presentation the new features are shown and why TSMCluster is the ""Spectrum Cluster"" of a TSM environment together with Spectrum Scale and Control.
The new GUI integrates the Tivoli Operation Center and the Spectrum Scale GUI for a handling of this complex environment.
If you still consider to use node replication or HADR as a HA solution, then let us show the difference.