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Some Words about the History of the Symposium

It all started when some ADSM-agnostic people at Karlsruhe University organised and hosted  the first three TSM  Workshops.

Oxford University has organised and hosted five events called TSM Symposium, all of which have been held in St Catherine's College followed by the well received TSM Symposium 2009 at the Grandhotel Petersberg near Bonn, the TSM Symposium 2011 in Dresden, 2013 in Berlin and the latest TSM Symposium 2015 again in Dresden, Germany.

The TSM symposia cover a wide variety of Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) related topics and particularly thinking about Benefit from Innovation for new and changed functionality expected to come in TSM over the next couple of years.

More Information about the past TSM symposia can be found  here for Oxford,  here for Petersberg 2009,   here for Dresden 2011,  here for Berlin 2013 and here for Dresden 2015.