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Program of the GSE ISP-Symposium 2017

This is version 4.1 (27.09.2017) of the program of the GSE ISP-Symposium 2017. It is considered final. Room changes are still possible and will be announced on short notice.

More than 35 speakers in partly parallel sessions will fill out a 3 day program offering recent insight on functionality, performance, usability and scalability as well as other aspects of the IBM Spectrum Protect Product (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager).

Breaks and evening events complete this by offering an ideal surrounding for informal discussions and collection of ideas.

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Colored background in the program denotes the focus of the respective program item:

  • BLUE: technical talks giving background to product usage, comparing different scenarios etc.
  • GREEN: end-user talks presenting a specific usage environment or hint / new ideas
  • RED: vendor talks informing about a product

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Registration Opens 12:00

Exhibition Open 13:30

Around the session break area there will be several small booths with companies showing their Spectrum-Protect-related products. We expect a good time for new contacts between arriving delegates and the exhibitors. Feel free to use the Gallery for small, private discussions if desired.

Location & Booth Overview

Coffee/Tea 15:30

Platinum Sponsor Keynote 18:45-19:30 - Main Conference Room
Chair: Gerd Becker
IBM Keynote: Virtualization, Container and Cloud Deployment – A Positioning (Dr. Basil Moshous)

Exhibitor Reception 19:30-21:00 - Exhibition Area

'Dinner and Drinks'

Walk around the exhibition and learn about old and new Spectrum Protect add-on products. Renew contacts and discuss about your thoughts and ideas. Use the Gallery for one-by-one discussions.

Wednesday 27th September 2017

Registration Opens 08:00

Coffee Break 14:15-14:45

End-of-Day Keynote Session 16:05-16:50
Gold Sponsor: Concat, Spectrum Simple45 (Lars Henningsen)

Birds-Of-a-Feather Sessions 17:00-18:00
BOF1 Forum 2: GSE-Membership AK-SSMSDBOF2 Studio 10: General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)BOF3 Studio 11/12: Using Elasticsearch for Querying Spectrum Protect
Chair: Gerd BeckerChair: Bart ClaeysChair: Thomas Baumann

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Evening Event 19:00

The evening event will be in the basement area of the "Früh am Dom" brewery, where the local "Kölsch" beer and a selection of local dishes is offered. Located at "Am hof 12-18" near the Cathedral it is a nice 17 minute walk away from the conference hotel.

Return 22:00
Adjourn 22:30

Thursday 28th September 2017

Good Morning Keynote Session 08:30-09:10
Gold Sponsor Quantum: The New Era of Integrated Data Storage40 (Stéphane Cardot)

Coffee Break 11:10-11:30
Lunch 12:15-13:15

Coffee Break 15:15-15:45

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Evening Event 18:30

We will board a decent boat and pass thru Cologne over the river Rhine, while fine dining and drinks will be offered. An ideal background for offline networking in succession of todays talks and discussing recent developments...

Boarding will finish at 19:00, so be on time!

Docking 22:00
Adjourn 22:30

Friday 29th September 2017

Coffee Break 10:45-11:15
Closing Session 12:15-12:30
Closing Remarks (Claus Kalle, Peter Groth)

Light Farewell Lunch 12:30