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Abstracts of ISP2017 Technical Talks

The abstracts of the technical talks are sorted by topic/headline.

Application Protection for Microsoft SQL 2016

Chris Zaremba

Explore data protection for Microsoft SQL Server 2016 with Spectrum Protect 8.1. Always-On, Availability Groups, Snapshots, and clustering will all be discussed.  (Applicable to earlier versions of MS SQL)   

Backup Control - not simple, but incredibly important

Stefan Schröder

Thoughts and Conclusions

Have you ever spent time on further thoughts about checking your backups? In this session, we will explain some common pitfalls and mistakes during backup monitoring in many environments.

With our experience from over 15 years in backup and storage consulting we will show a collection of not simple but certainly important tasks required to ensure successful restores. We will guide you through this collection using real life examples and present you ways to improve quality while reducing cost. Join us to extend your view on backup monitoring.

Blueprint Update

Jason Basler

The powerful software-defined data reduction and replication technologies provided by IBM Spectrum Protect make scalable data protection solutions using disk a practical reality. Join this session to learn about the latest release of the IBM Spectrum Protect blueprints that provide reference architectures and deployment automation for solutions built upon IBM Storwize and IBM Spectrum Scale.

CDM and Spectrum Protect

Cyrus Niltchian

How will CDM integrate with Spectrum Protect?  What is the architecture and outlook for what this integration will be, the capabilities, and use cases.   

Cloud data

Greg Van Hise

Data protection strategies for data that lives or moves to the cloud.  Use cases and solutions the development team is seeing deployed.  Emerging or existing workloads in the cloud and strategies to protect them.

Cloud Update

Jimmy Fagan

What are the current capabilities for data protections relating to the cloud. Explore current capabilities for running in the cloud and storing data to cloud storage… Walk through representative scenarios that are being seen and deployed, explore how folks are using clouds.

Container Maintenance Orphan Cleanup

Norbert Pott

Some APARs (Authorized Program Analysis Report) have been identified in the field that document servers being exposed to the creation of orphaned chunks or objects.

This session explains how to identify your servers are exposed and how to clean up.

Container Pool best practices

Jason Basler

IBM Spectrum Protect V8.1 provides powerful data reduction and replication capabilities with the container storage pool. This session provides best practices for planning, configuring, and optimizing performance with container storage pools based upon the IBM Spectrum Protect blueprints. The overview will also cover best practices for optimizing different client workloads for container pools such as DB/2 and SAP HANA.


Deon George

Data protection and running Spectrum Protect as a Docker container.  What is possible, how are these being seen and utilized in support of data protection.   

Deploying and Updating Clients

Jason Basler

Explore the client deployment capabilities using the Operations Center. Walk-through the capabilities and flow. Discuss the futures for deployment such as deploying to systems where a client does not yet exist or managing updates for data protection agents.


Petur Eybórssen

Deduplication is just math, it varies only slightly between vendors, but the fundamentals stay the same. Customers who get the best ratio understand the technology and make the needed adjustments to achieve these objectives. Important session for all customers who are using ASL (license) or SUR occupancy. In one example have been able to outbid Veeam x10 times by occupancy in storage, (I will not name vendor in my session nor talk much about this particular case) but what methods we use to get the best ratios for our customers.

Future of data protection in hybrid on-premise and cloud environment

Christian Vanden Balck

Understand how virtual and multi-layer storage will drive future data protection infrastructures

General Data Protection Regulation - A practical approach using Software defined Infrastructure

Bart Claeys

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was ratified by the European Union in April 2016 and requires companies to be compliant as of May 25th 2018.

GDPR is designed to give EU individuals better control over their personal data and establish one single set of data protection rules.

How can our clients leverage our Software defined Storage capabilities so that companies dealing with individuals personal data are well prepared to face the requirements laid out by the EU’s General data protection regulations, for those of you who have been asking these questions, we are organising a session that will provide further insights and allow you to further engage on the subject with IBM System Storage Software Solutions.

HSM and backup services at INFN-CNAF

E. Fattibene, A. Cavalli, A. Prosperini, V. Sapunenko, D. Cesini

IBM Spectrum Protect (ISP) contributes to the data management infrastructure operated at CNAF, the central computing and storage facility of INFN (Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics). It is used to manage about 40 Petabytes of scientific data produced by LHC (Large Hadron Collider at CERN) and INFN experiments, stored on tape resources as higher latency storage tier within HSM environment. To accomplish this task, ISP works together with IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly GPFS) and GEMSS, an in-house developed software layer that manages migration and recall queues. Moreover, we perform backup/archive operation of main IT services running at CNAF. In this paper we present the current configuration of HSM infrastructure and backup and recovery service, with particular attention to issues related to the increasing amount of scientific data to manage, expected for the next years.

IBM Spectrum Copy Data Management Introduction and Exploration

Cyrus Niltchian

This technical session will provide an architectural overview as well as general technical details and implementation using copy data management. It will explore new functions in the latest version.

IBM Spectrum Protect and IBM Spectrum Scale - petascale data protection

Dominic Mueller

This session provides a deep dive into the functions and features available for the protection of IBM Spectrum Scale file systems using IBM Spectrum Protect. It provides best practices for the implementation of the products and discusses the options customers have to implement the products for different environment sizes. Beginning with small and medium implementations up to extreme scaling environments.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus - The Future of Data Protection

Del Hoobler and Jim Smith

Spectrum Protect Plus is a new data protection solution available soon focused on virtual environments that includes virtual machine backup and recovery with user facing portals for management and monitoring. It is intended to install as a lightweight solution that helps protect VMware and Hyper-V virtual environments without the need for agents. It can run stand alone or integrated with Spectrum Protect. This session will cover IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, its key attributes, and how you can use it in your environment. 

IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management with IBM Spectrum Scale deep dive

Dominic Mueller

This sessions provides a deep dive into the functions and feature of IBM Spectrum Protect for Space Management (a.k.a. HSM) and the multiple options this product provides to manage huge amounts of data in IBM Spectrum Scale file systems. The sessions will describe the basic setup of HSM with IBM Spectrum Scale and the usage of the policy engine to improve performance and scale-ability. It will provide the background on several tuning options and includes many hints and tips for the daily usage of this product.

IBM Spectrum Protect: The Times, They are a-changin’

Colin Dawson

What is “design thinking”? How does IBM use “Design Thinking” to envision and deliver meaningful product capabilities. This session will demonstrate “design thinking” through examples and exercises in the session itself.

Managing Worldwide Data Protection @ Bosch

Oliver Klenk

As a global company with a big IBM Spectrum Protect environment, the administration of the worldwide data protection environment is a very important issue for Robert Bosch GmbH. The data protection environment is growing continously. At the same time, cost and effort must not rise at the same pace. Therefore, the productivity of "Managing Worldwide Data Protection @ Bosch" needs to be increased, while keeping costs down. Oliver Klenk will explain aspects of the solution and show basics of the implementation. Afterwards, he will talk about his experiences, results and additional benefits for Robert Bosch GmbH.

The New Era of Integrated Data Storage

Stephane Cardot

Almost all Industries require high-performance and easy access to data — even as data repositories reach petabyte scale levels. Designing a future-proof, cost effective storage infrastructure to deliver performance access and protection for all your data, and it`s use as a gateway to all types of storage media including public cloud is now easier than ever before. Learn more by success stories of several different companies.

A practical approach to implement a high available data protection solution with virtualized IBM Spectrum Protect Servers in a Disk based environment

Remo Leuppi

IBM Spectrum Protect Servers virtualized on Hyper-V 2012 R2 with direct raw-device mapping from a hds storage.
Using version 7.1.7 with containerpool and node replication over 2 datacenter
pleasant data savings with a high availability solution

Product Update

Del Hoobler / Colin Dawson

Explore the latest capabilities and features in the product that enable data protection solutions. This session will introduce and highlight key recent deliveries for virtualization, container storage pools, cloud, and other product features.

Protecting Virtual Machines using Snapshots

Chris Zaremba

Explore the capabilities of VE and using snapshots to protect virtual machines. How does this work? What do the recent "parallel session" enhancements mean to this?

Real world deployments of Spectrum Protect with Spectrum Scale

Andre Gaschler, Nils Haustein and Joerg Walter

Multiple Spectrum Protect instances can integrate with the global names space provided by Spectrum Scale to efficiently store backup data and metadata. This presentation highlights the advantages of this integration and elaborates on real world use cases. It focuses on solution design aspects for Spectrum Protect and Spectrum Scale and presents the resulting architectures and advantages.

Recommendations for Protecting Filers

Dominic Mueller

Explore the capabilities and options for protecting large filers. What tools and capabilities are available today. Best practice recommendations on protecting these important sources of data in your environment.

Recommendations for protecting SAP HANA

Cyrus Niltchian

HANA is SAP's strategic in-memory computing platform that is designed to deliver better performance for analytic and transactional applications. IBM's Spectrum Protect has a long tradition of protecting SAP databases and provides this proven and scalable solution for SAP HANA. This presentation includes information on the latest enhancements. Customer scenarios and best practices are used to illustrate how SAP HANA data protection challenges are met with this proven Spectrum Protect solution.

Recommendations for securing your Spectrum Protect environments

Colin Dawson

This session will explore a number of security related topics. A survey of encryption capabilities. Best practice recommendations for configuration and management of the Spectrum Protect environments.  Explore the use of tape and air-gap as an piece of     Colin Dawson

Redrawing the Maps of Data Protection

Thomas Eifert

The way data is seen and dealt with at universities currently undergoes nothing less than a paradigm shift.
This change also has impact on data protection - uses cases as well as technical solutions.
This talk tries to sketch the changes and their various effects.

Replication best practices

Jimmy Fagan

Best practices, hints, and tips for PROTECT STGPOOL, REPLICATE NODE, maintaining data availability across sites/servers, and what to do when things go wrong.

Security Update

Colin Dawson

Explore current security related capabilities for the product. What is the outlook for the future? How is the product changing or evolving to satisfy regulatory requirements, regulations, and the changing role of data custody by a data protection product.

Spectrum Protect Snapshots

Chris Zaremba

What's new and explore the capabilities of hardware snapshot capabilities.

Spectrum Protect Solution Design Guidance

Joerg Walter (Nils Haustein, Andre Gaschler)

This presentation gives an introduction to a potential Spectrum Protect solution design process.
Beginning with a review of various Spectrum Protect deployment options, compared to specific solution requirements and environmental facts, this presentation outlines a step-by-step approach that finally leads to a solution design for a high performance, flexible and scalable backup environment. It also references the IBM provided Spectrum Protect Blueprints as a potential building block, but goes beyond and explains how to assemble these building blocks to a complete DP&R solution.

Spectrum Protect for Data Retention - Updates

Nils Haustein

Spectrum Protect for Data Retention provides storage management for data subject for regulatory compliance. For this purpose it had been certified in 2013 with version 6.3. This presentation gives an update for the certification of Spectrum Protect for Data Retention and highlights new functions and use cases.

Spectrum Protect using DeDup / Container Pool with Node Replication and Oracle backups

Urs Moser

Spectrum Protect using Node Replication with Oracle backups

on this speech

I will show the different possibilities to use
In-Line DeDup / Compression in use with Container Pools with Node Replication into different location. These backups are used for disaster backups and long-term backup for this customer.
Spectrum Protect / is running on Linux RedHat V7.x Server

Spectrum Simple

Lars Henningsen

Discussing the architecture for a drastically simplified Spectrum Protect server and client infrastructure. Virtual, scalable, available and automatically up to date.

Using Elasticsearch for Querying Spectrum Protect

Thomas Baumann

The ELK stack provides an interface for querying longterm data as the Spectrum Protect actlog for investigations, anomaly finding and visualization. The Demo shows what is possible to enhance the produtivity of Spectrum Protect.

VE Data Protection is also A-Changin

Jim Smith

A look into how you can best exploit VE data protection capabilities offered in the Spectrum Protect portfolio including the recently announced Spectrum Protect Plus and updates to Spectrum Protect.

Virtualization, Container & Cloud Deployment - A Positioning

Dr. Basil Moshous

In a cloud environment shared processing, network and storage resources are provided on demand. The goal of a cloud deployment is to dynamically provision and de-provision resources in a way, that all available resources are used effectively. The challenge is to provide the necessary storage to the individual services.

In my talk I will mainly focus on the differences and challenges of bare metal, virtualized and container implementations. I will also address the question which different types of storage should be taken into account in these deployments.

The “WHO” and the “WHY” of what we are building - introducing “Design Thinking” and how it impacts the experiences the product provides

Jim Smith

Explore product capabilities from the perspective of “key” personas: A VMWare Administrator, A Data Protect Administrators. This introduces personas, how we are researching, designing, and integrating the feedback from the people that need and own data protection.  Insight and outlook for how data protection is changing in the coming years and who the consumers and influencers will be.  

Why Tape is essential for your Backup environment!

Josef Weingand

Tape is dead? Not at all! Learn why you should still use tape or why you should now start to use tape, like Microsoft.

Microsoft just started to use tape heavily. Why? Because of roadmap, future capabilities to increase capacity while still decreasing the cost per GB. In addition to the use case of Microsoft I will show you, why tape is vital for you backup environment. Finally I give you an update to the IBM Tape product portfolio, discuss the advantage of IBM Enterprise Tape and give you an outlook what coming next, like LTO8.